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Want to help spread the word about Five Apple Feedback? Use our social media toolkit for ideas on how to spread the word!


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Five Apple Feedback is an online platform that provides VIPKid Teachers a resource to search and archive feedback. Feedback templates can dynamically insert the students name and gender helping teachers save time.




Sample Social Media Posts

  • I love saving time on VIPKid feedback using Five Apple Feedback! #FiveAppleFeedback #VIPKid #VIPKidTeacher #VIPKidFeedback
  • Five Apple Feedback makes VIPKid feedback easy! #FiveAppleFeedback #VIPKid #VIPKidTeacher #VIPKidFeedback
  • The time I save on VIPKid feedback using Five Apple Feedback allows me to _________. #FiveAppleFeedback #VIPKid #VIPKidTeacher #VIPKidFeedback

Other Ideas

  • Write a blog post sharing your experience with Five Apple Feedback
  • Post a video about your experience using FIve Apple Feedback

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