VIPKid Feedback Templates

An overview of all the feedback templates available available. VIPKid Teachers have the option to automatically insert their students name, along with automatically populating gender pronouns.

Class ID# Class Title Teacher
(NEW L1) iMC-L1-U1-LC2-7FeelingsTeacher Sara
(New L1) iMC-L1-U3-LC1-4AssessmentTeacher Sara
[ Teacher Melissa ]My Face[ Teacher Melissa ]
ASS-L1-U1-LC1-1A Step into Space Space 1Teacher Miranda
ASS-L1-U1-LC1-2AStep into Space Space 2Teacher Linda
ASS-L1-U1-LC1-2AStep into Space Space[ Teacher Melissa ]
ASS-L1-U1-LC1-3Space 3Teacher Linda
ASS-L1-U1-LC1-4A Step into Space Space 4Teacher Linda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-1Book Report Course - David BeckhamTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-1David Beckham[ Teacher Melissa ]
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-1David Beckham[ Teacher Melissa ]
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-1David Beckham[ Teacher Melissa ]
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-2Artists in TrainingTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-2Artists in Training[ Teacher Melissa ]
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-3Tales of HerculesTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-4Your Guide to Pet CareTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-4Your Guide to Pet Care[ Teacher Melissa ]
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-5Behind the ScenesTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-6A Hero Weighs InTeacher Miranda
BRC-L1-U1-LC1-6A Hero Weighs in[ Teacher Melissa ]
DRW-L1-U1-LC1-1Dinosaur 1[ Teacher Melissa ]
DRW-L1-U1-LC1-2 When Dinosaurs Ruled the World Dinosaur 2Teacher Linda
DRW-L1-U1-LC1-3Dinosaur 3Teacher Linda
DRW-L1-U1-LC1-4When Dinosaurs Ruled the World Dinosaur 4Teacher Miranda
FNVV-L1-U1-LC1-4New Voice of VIPKid Lesson 4Teacher Miranda
FNVV-L1-U3-LC1-4Lesson 4 Land Animals 4[ Teacher Melissa ]
FNVV-L1-U4-LC1-4Lesson 4Teacher Miranda
FRF-L1-U1-LC1-1Food for Fitness Food 1Teacher Miranda
FRF-L1-U1-LC1-2Food For FitnessTeacher Miranda
FRF-L1-U1-LC1-3Food for Fitness Food 3Teacher Miranda
FRF-L1-U1-LC1-3Foods[ Teacher Melissa ]
FRF-L1-U1-LC1-4Food 4Denise WL
FT-L1-U1-LC1-1Making New Friends[Teacher Melissa]
FT-L1-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1 Making New FriendsTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 What's Your HobbyTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-2What's Your Hobby?StaceyCE
FT-L1-U1-LC1-3VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 3 Let's Go TravelingTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-3Let's Go Traveling[Teacher Melissa]
FT-L1-U1-LC1-3Let's Go TravelingStaceyCE
FT-L1-U1-LC1-4Exploring New PlacesTeacher Kimberley BM
FT-L1-U1-LC1-4VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 4 Exploring New PlacesTeacher Miranda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5 Eating in a Western RestaurantTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-5Eating in a Western Restaurant[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U1-LC1-6VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 6 Let's Go ShoppingTeacher Miranda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6 Let's Go ShoppingTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-6Let's Go Shopping[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U1-LC1-7My NeighborhoodDenise WL
FT-L1-U1-LC1-7My NeighborhoodTeacher Ana
FT-L1-U1-LC1-7My NeighborhoodStaceyCE
FT-L1-U1-LC1-8VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 8 Let's Have FunTeacher Miranda
FT-L1-U1-LC1-8Let's Have Fun[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-1Smile! Photo Time[Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-2Tell Me About Today[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-3Lesson 3 A Date with FriendsTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U2-LC1-3Lesson 3 A Date with FriendsTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U2-LC1-4Be Prepared 4Denise WL
FT-L1-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4 Be PreparedTeacher Linda
FT-L1-U2-LC1-4Be PreparedStaceyCE
FT-L1-U2-LC1-5Do Like I DoRosalie C
FT-L1-U2-LC1-5Do Like I DoTeacher Ana
FT-L1-U2-LC1-6Animal WorldDenise WL
FT-L1-U2-LC1-6Animal WorldTeacher Ana
FT-L1-U2-LC1-6Animal World[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-6Animal WorldStaceyCE
FT-L1-U2-LC1-7Free Talk: On Land and In WaterRosalie C
FT-L1-U2-LC1-7Free Talk: On Land and In WaterTeacher Ana
FT-L1-U2-LC1-7On Land and In Water[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-7On Land And WaterStaceyCE
FT-L1-U2-LC1-8Be Somebody[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L1-U2-LC1-8Be SomebodyStaceyCE
FT-L2-U1-LC1-1Making New Friends[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U1-LC1-2FT-L2-U1-LC1-2[Teacher Melissa]
FT-L2-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 What's Your HobbyTeacher Linda
FT-L2-U1-LC1-2What's Your Hobby?StaceyCE
FT-L2-U1-LC1-3VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 3 Let's Go TravelingTeacher Miranda
FT-L2-U1-LC1-3Let's Go TravelingStaceyCE
FT-L2-U1-LC1-3Let's Go Traveling[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 Exploring New PlacesTeacher Miranda
FT-L2-U1-LC1-4Exploring New Places[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5 Eating in a Western RestaurantTeacher Linda
FT-L2-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6 Let's Go ShoppingTeacher Linda
FT-L2-U1-LC1-6Let's Go ShoppingStaceyCE
FT-L2-U1-LC1-7My NeighborhoodPatricia C
FT-L2-U2-LC1-1On the Job[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U2-LC1-1Free Talk - Lesson 1 - On the JobElizabeth TV
FT-L2-U2-LC1-3Free Talk[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4 Exploring the AirportTeacher Linda
FT-L2-U2-LC1-4Exploring the AirportTeacher Grace CQ
FT-L2-U2-LC1-5VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 5 Do It with FeelingTeacher Miranda
FT-L2-U2-LC1-5Do It With FeelingStaceyCE
FT-L2-U2-LC1-5Lesson 5 Do It with FeelingTeacher Linda
FT-L2-U2-LC1-6Share the World[ Teacher Melissa ]
FT-L2-U2-LC1-7The High and Lows - GeographyTeacher Elizabeth TV
FT-L2-U2-LC1-8VIPKID Free Talk Lesson 8 Evolution and ChangeTeacher Miranda
FT-L2-U2-LC1-8Evolution and Change[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWSF-L1-U1-LC1-1Foreign Teacher[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWSF-L1-U1-LC1-1My ToysSherry X
FWSF-L1-U2-LC1-1Lesson 1 America 1 Interactive[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWSF-L1-U2-LC1-2My Favorite AnimalsSally X
FWSF-L1-U2-LC1-2FWS Foreign TeacherDenise WL
FWSF-L2-U1-LC1-1Lesson 2Teacher Linda
FWSF-L2-U1-LC1-1From Words to Sentences: Unit 1 - At My School Lesson 2Teacher Miranda
FWSF-L2-U1-LC1-2At My SchoolChristy AZ
FWSF-L2-U1-LC1-2Lesson 4[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWSF-L2-U2-LC1-1FWSF- My Favorite FoodsSally X
FWSF-L2-U2-LC1-2FWS Foreign Teacher Lesson 4Denise WL
FWSF-L3-U1-LC1-1Lesson 2 - My Favorite ClothesTeacher Miranda
FWSF-L3-U1-LC1-2Lesson 4 I Can See You, I Can Hear You 4Karah PJ
FWSF-L3-U2-LC1-1FWS Foreign Teacher Lesson 2Denise WL
FWSF-L3-U2-LC1-2From Words to Sentences: Unit 2 - My Abilities Lesson 4Teacher Miranda
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-2My Favorite ToysStaceyCE
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2[Teacher Melissa]
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2Teacher Linda
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020Teacher Sara
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-4My Favorite ToysStaceyCE
FWTS-L1-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4Teacher Linda
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-2Lesson 2[Teacher Melissa]
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-2Lesson 2Teacher Miranda
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-2Lesson 2 - My Favorite AnimalsStaceyCE
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-2My Favorite Animals[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 4Teacher Linda
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4 -My Favorite AnimalsStaceyCE
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences Lesson 4Teacher Sara
FWTS-L1-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L2-U1-LC1-2At My SchoolStaceyCE
FWTS-L2-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 Brazil 4[Teacher Melissa]
FWTS-L2-U1-LC1-4At My SchoolStaceyCE
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-2Lesson 2-My Favorite FoodsSally X
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-2My Favorite FoodsStaceyCE
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-2From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 2Teacher Linda
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-2My Favorite Foods[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 4Teacher Miranda
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4Denise WL
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-4My Favorite FoodsStaceyCE
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 4Teacher Linda
FWTS-L2-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-2My Favorite ClothesDenise WL
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-2My Favorite ClothesTeacher Elizabeth
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-2My Favorite Clothes[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-2My Favorite ClothesStaceyCE
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4Denise WL
FWTS-L3-U1-LC1-4My Favorite ClothesStaceyCE
FWTS-L3-U2-LC1-2My AbilitiesStaceyCE
FWTS-L3-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 4Teacher Miranda
FWTS-L3-U2-LC1-4From Words to Sentences 2020 Lesson 4Teacher Linda
FWTS-L3-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4[ Teacher Melissa ]
FWTS-L3-U2-LC1-4My AbilitiesStaceyCE
GM-L1-U1-LC1-1GRAMMAR Lesson 1 A Family Hanging OutTeacher Miranda
GM-L1-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1 A Family Hanging OutTeacher Linda
GM-L1-U1-LC1-1A Family Hanging Out[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 Let's Have a PicnicTeacher Linda
GM-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L1-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3 What a MessTeacher Miranda
GM-L1-U1-LC1-4Free Time[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L1-U1-LC1-4Free TimeLinda8888
GM-L1-U1-LC1-5Grammar Level 1- A Rainy DayLinda8888
GM-L1-U1-LC1-5A Rainy DayStaceyCE
GM-L1-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6 Teach MeTeacher Linda
GM-L1-U1-LC1-6Grammar: Teach MeSherry X
GM-L1-U1-LC1-6Teach Me[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L1-U1-LC1-7Bad Dog SpotStaceyCE
GM-L1-U1-LC1-8Afternoon TreatStaceyCE
GM-L1-U1-LC1-8Grammar Level 1- Afternoon TreatLinda8888
GM-L12-U1-LC1-1Fun Run!Linda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-1Fun RunStaceyCE
GM-L2-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1 Fun RunTeacher Linda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-1Grammar -Fun RunLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-2After the Race[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L2-U1-LC1-2After the RaceSherry X
GM-L2-U1-LC1-2Grammar -After the RaceLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3 Let's go shoppingTeacher Miranda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-3Grammar- Let's Go ShoppingLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-4GRAMMAR Lesson 4 At the airportTeacher Miranda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 At the airportTeacher Linda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-4Grammar Level 2- At the AirportLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-4At the Airport[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L2-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5 A New FriendChristy AZ
GM-L2-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5 A New FriendTeacher Linda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-5Grammar -A New FriendLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-5A New FriendStaceyCE
GM-L2-U1-LC1-5A New Friend[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L2-U1-LC1-6GRAMMAR Lesson 6 Dinner TimeTeacher Miranda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-6 Lesson 6 Dinner TimeTeacher Linda
GM-L2-U1-LC1-6Grammar- Dinner TimeLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-7When Do We GoStaceyCE
GM-L2-U1-LC1-7Grammar Level 2-When Do We Go?Linda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-7When Do We Go[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L2-U1-LC1-8Grammar Level 2- City StreetsLinda8888
GM-L2-U1-LC1-8City StreetsTeacher Daphne O
GM-L2-U1-LC1-8City StreetsStaceyCE
GM-L2-U1-LC8City Streets[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L3-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1 After ClassTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-1Grammar Level 3- After ClassLinda8888
GM-L3-U1-LC1-1After ClassStaceyCE
GM-L3-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 Time For SchoolDenise WL
GM-L3-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 Time For SchoolTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-2Grammar-Time For SchoolLinda8888
GM-L3-U1-LC1-2Time For SchoolStaceyCE
GM-L3-U1-LC1-3Grammar- Level 3- Cleaning UpLinda8888
GM-L3-U1-LC1-3Cleaning UpStaceyCE
GM-L3-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 Career DayTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-4Grammar Level 3 Career DayLinda8888
GM-L3-U1-LC1-5After SchoolBritt
GM-L3-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5 After SchoolTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-6County FairDenise WL
GM-L3-U1-LC1-6Grammar Level 3- County FairLinda8888
GM-L3-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6 County FairTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-7Lesson 7 A Wild RideTeacher Linda
GM-L3-U1-LC1-8At The MallStaceyCE
GM-L3-U1-LC1-8At the Mall[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-1Grammar 1Denise WL
GM-L4-U1-LC1-1To the Rescue[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 GrammarDenise WL
GM-L4-U1-LC1-3GRAMMAR Lesson 3Denise WL
GM-L4-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-3GRAMMAR Lesson 3Teacher Linda
GM-L4-U1-LC1-4Go, Team, Go[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-4Grammar Level 4 Go Team GoLinda8888
GM-L4-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5Christy AZ
GM-L4-U1-LC1-5Lesson 5Teacher Linda
GM-L4-U1-LC1-5A Big FallStaceyCE
GM-L4-U1-LC1-6GRAMMAR Lesson 6Teacher Miranda
GM-L4-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6: Watch OutCandra
GM-L4-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-7GRAMMAR Lesson 7Teacher Linda
GM-L4-U1-LC1-7Lesson 7[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L4-U1-LC1-7Grammar level 4, Lesson 7Teacher Rebecca
GM-L4-U1-LC1-8Lesson 8Teacher Miranda
GM-L4-U1-LC1-8Lesson 8[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L5-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1Teacher Miranda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L5-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2Teacher Linda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-2Grammar Level 5- Setting Up CampLinda8888
GM-L5-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3 GrammarDenise WL
GM-L5-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3Teacher Linda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-3Take A Hike[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L5-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4Denise WL
GM-L5-U1-LC1-4GRAMMAR Lesson 4Teacher Linda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-5Grammar 5Denise WL
GM-L5-U1-LC1-6Lesson 6Karah
GM-L5-U1-LC1-7GRAMMAR Lesson 7Teacher Miranda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-7At the RiverRosalie C
GM-L5-U1-LC1-7At the River[ Teacher Melissa ]
GM-L5-U1-LC1-7GRAMMAR Lesson 7Teacher Linda
GM-L5-U1-LC1-8Lesson 8Teacher Miranda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-1GRAMMAR Lesson 1Teacher Miranda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1Teacher Linda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-2GRAMMAR Lesson 2Teacher Miranda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-3GRAMMAR Lesson 3Teacher Miranda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4Denise WL
GM-L6-U1-LC1-5GRAMMAR 5Denise WL
GM-L6-U1-LC1-5GRAMMAR Lesson 5Teacher Linda
GM-L6-U1-LC1-6Grammar 6Denise WL
Go Turtle! Go Hare!VST-L1-U1-LC1-1[ Teacher Melissa ]
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-1Health and Physical Education Lesson 1Teacher Linda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 - Muscular EnduranceTeacher Miranda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3 - "A Runner's Heart"Teacher Miranda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 FlexibilityDenise WL
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-5Health and Physical Education Lesson 5Teacher Miranda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-6Health and Physical Education Lesson 6Teacher Linda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-6Health and PE - Cross-trainingLaura OK
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-7Lesson 7Karah
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-7Lesson 7[ Teacher Melissa ]
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-8Health and Physical Education Lesson 8Teacher Miranda
HPE-L1-U1-LC1-8Lesson 8Karah PJ
I was happy to work with today. Another excellent phonics lesson! Today worked with words that have a long /o/ sound spelled /oa/, /o/, or /ow/. also read words with a long /u/ sound spelled /ew/ or /u/. These important letter teams are found in many common English words, and it is important for to continue to review them after class. also worked with the sight words [from, by, as, suddenly]. read a story titled [Mr. Joe and Toad] which helped him practice the new sounds worked on today. I was happy that could recall and spell words from today’s lesson at the end of class. Wonderful! Thanks, , for working hard on your reading today. You earned all five stars! ~Teacher LindaSuper Phonics Level 2 Lesson 11Teacher Linda
iMC-L1-U1-LC2-6FeelingsAllen AG
iMC-L1-U1-LC2-6 (NEW L1)Lesson 6 FeelingsTeacher Sara
iMC-L1-U10-LC1-1Lesson 1 ActivitiesRosalie RI
iMC-L1-U2-LC1-3New iMC Lesson 3 Colors - E, FLaura OK
iMC-L1-U2-LC2-5 (NEW L1)Lesson 5 SizesTeacher Sara
iMC-L1-U2-LC2-6New iMC Lesson 6 - SizesLaura OK
iMC-L1-U3-LC1-1ColorsLaura OK
iMC-L1-U3-LC1-3Unit 3, Lesson 3 ColorsLaura OK
iMC-L1-U3-LC2-5 (New L1)FruitsTeacher Sara
iMC-L1-U3-LC2-6New iMC - Fruits Unit 3 Lesson 6Laura OK
iMC-L1-U3-LC2-7Lesson 7 FruitsLaura OK
iMC-L1-U5-LC1-1My FaceMarcela Jones
iMC-L1-U6-LC1-1My FamilyMarcela B
iMC-L1-U6-LC2-5Lesson 5 - PetsLaura OK
iMC-L1-U7-LC2-7Lesson 7 - WeatherLaura OK
iMC-L1-U8-LC1-3On the FarmRosalie RI
iMC-L1-U8-LC2-5VegetablesRosalie RI
iMC-L1-U8-LC2-6VegetablesMarcela Jones
iMC-L1-U8-LC2-7VegetablesRosalie RI
iMC-L1-U9-LC1-1Lesson 1 MealtimeRosalie RI
iMC-L1-U9-LC1-2Lesson 2 MealtimeRosalie RI
IMC-L2-U10-LC2-8Animals Grow and Change[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U10-LC2-9Animals Grow and Change[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U11-LC1-4What is the weather today?[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U11-LC1-5What is the weather today? Interactive[Teacher Melissa]
IMC-L2-U12-LC1-1Lesson 1 America 1 Interactive[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U12-LC1-3America[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U12-LC1-6Learning Cycle 1 Assessment Interactive[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U12-LC2-8Britain[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U3-LC1-3Teacher Talk 3[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U3-LC1-3Teacher Talk[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U3-LC2-10School Rules[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U4-LC1-1My family[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U4-LC1-5Family and Home I[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U4-LC2-11Things in My Home[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U4-LC2-9Things in my Home[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U5-LC1-3We Have Fun Together[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U5-LC2-12My Friends and I - Assessment 2Teacher Debi
IMC-L2-U7-LC1-5My Feelings[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U7-LC2-9Emotions[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U8-LC2-8Colors[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U9-LC1-4My Neighborhood[ Teacher Melissa ]
IMC-L2-U9-LC1-5What is in my neighborhood?[ Teacher Melissa ]
L2-U5-LC1-5My Friends and IStaceyCE
L2-U8-LC1-2Colors are Everywhere, Lesson 2Teacher Rebecca
LCR-L2-LC1-7It's Time For ...Rosalie C
LRC-L1-U1-C1-7Puppy PaintsRosalie C
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-1What's For BreakfastStaceyCE
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-1What's for Breakfast?Denise WL
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-1LRC- What's For Breakfast?Sally X
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-2Leveled Reading The Farmer's LunchTeacher Linda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-2The Farmer's LunchRosalie C
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-3Tec and the CakeTeacher Linda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-3Tec and the CakeDenise WL
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-3Tec and the CakeStaceyCE
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-4A Night at the GalleryRosalie C
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-4A Night at the GalleryTeacher Linda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-4A Night at the Gallery[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-4A Night At The GalleryStaceyCE
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-5Leveled Reading The RobotTeacher Miranda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-6Leveled Reading The SeesawTeacher Miranda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-6The SeesawTeacher Linda
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-6The SeesawStaceyCE
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-7Puppy PaintsStaceyCE
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-7Puppy PaintsDenise WL
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-7Puppy PaintsLinda8888
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-8The BeachSherry X
LRC-L1-U1-LC1-8The Beach (beginner)StaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and SeekRosalie C
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and SeekTeacher Linda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and SeekDenise WL
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and SeekRosalie C
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and Seek[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-1Cat and Dog Play Hide and SeekLinda8888
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-2Leveled Reading Ben and BoboTeacher Linda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-2  Ben and BoboTeacher Linda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-2Ben and BoboDenise WL
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-2Ben and Bobo[Teacher Melissa]
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-2Leveled Reading- Ben and BoboLinda8888
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-3The Lion and the MouseStaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-3Leveled Reading- The Lion and the MouseLinda8888
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-3The Lion and the MouseRosalie C
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-4Leveled Reading PiratesTeacher Linda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-4Lesson 4 PiratesDenise WL
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-5Super BenDenise WL
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-5Super BenRosalie C
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-5Super Ben (beginner)StaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-5Super BenTeacher Linda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-6Tec and the LitterStaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-7It Is Time For ...Christy AZ
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-7Leveled Reading It Is Time For ...Teacher Miranda
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-7It Is Time For...StaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-8How To Make A Sock PuppetStaceyCE
LRC-L2-U1-LC1-8How To Make A Sock Puppet[Teacher Melissa]
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-1Leveled Reading Little BirdTeacher Linda
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-1Little Bird Part 1Rosalie C
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-2Leveled Reading Little Bird (2)Teacher Miranda
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-3Flying in an Airplane (1)StaceyCE
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-4Flying in an Airplane (2)Rosalie C
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-5Mr. Mustard's Mailbox (1)Rosalie C
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-5Mr. Mustard's Mailbox[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-6Mr. Mustard's Mailbox (2)Denise WL
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-6  Mr. Mustard's Mailbox (2)Teacher Linda
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-6Mr. Mustard's Mailbox[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-7Leveled Reading How Seeds Spread (1)Teacher Linda
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-7How Seeds Spread[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-7How Seeds Spread (1)StaceyCE
LRC-L3-U1-LC1-8How Seeds Spread (2)StaceyCE
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-1The Elves and the Shoemaker[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-2The Elves and the Shoemaker (2)Teacher Linda
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-3Fergus Finbone and the Runaway Pants[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-3Fergus Finbone and the Runaway Pants Part 1Denise WL
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-4Leveled Reading Fergus Finbone and the Runaway Pants (2)Teacher Miranda
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-4Fergus Finbone and the Runaway Pants (2)Denise WL
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-4Fergus Finbone and the Runaway PantsLinda8888
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-4Fergus Finbone and the Runaway Pants (2)StaceyCE
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-5Leveled Reading Pay Attention! (1)Teacher Miranda
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-5Pay Attention! (1)StaceyCE
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-6Leveled Reading Pay Attention! (2)Teacher Linda
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-6Pay Attention! (2)Denise WL
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-6Pay Attention (2)StaceyCE
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-7Petting ZooChristy AZ
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-7Petting Zoo (1)StaceyCE
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-8Petting Zoo (2)Denise WL
LRC-L4-U1-LC1-8Petting Zoo [2]StaceyCE
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-1Good Citizen (1)Karah PJ
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-2Good CitizenChristy AZ
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-2Good Citizen (2)Teacher Linda
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-3What's Underground (1)Denise WL
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-4What's Underground?[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-4What's Underground? (2)[ Teacher Melissa ]
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-5Attack of the Flu Germ (1)Karah PJ
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-6Attack of the Flu Germ (2)Denise WL
LRC-L5-U1-LC1-7Flying into History (1)Karah PJ
MC-L-U4-LC1-5Family and HomeRosalie C
MC-L1-U1-LC1-1Daily LifeStaceyCE
MC-L1-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1 Hello!Denise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC1-1Lesson 1: Daily LifeRosalie C
MC-L1-U1-LC1-2Meg and Mike in China: Let's Play!Denise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC1-2Lesson 2 Hello!Denise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC1-3Lesson 3: Hello!Franki S
MC-L1-U1-LC1-4Level 1 Unit 1 [Ch]eckpoint 1Linda8888
MC-L1-U1-LC2ActionSherry X
MC-L1-U1-LC2-5Culture - ChinaSherry X
MC-L1-U1-LC2-5Lesson 5: FeelingsRosalie C
MC-L1-U1-LC2-6Lesson 6 ActionDenise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC2-6Lesson 6 Action ChinaSamantha JP
MC-L1-U1-LC2-7Lesson 7 ScienceDenise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC2-7Lesson 7 FeelingsDenise WL
MC-L1-U1-LC2-8L1 U1 AssessmentSherry X
MC-L1-U10-LC1-1Lesson 1: Daily LifeRosalie C
MC-L1-U10-LC1-1Lesson 1 Daily LifeAngel BA
MC-L1-U10-LC1-1ActivitiesTeacher Debi
MC-L1-U10-LC1-2Let's Play (Current for the Original L1 classes)StaceyCE
MC-L1-U10-LC1-2Meg and Mike in the USA- Let's Play!Sally X
MC-L1-U10-LC1-2Lesson 2: Let's PlayRosalie C
MC-L1-U10-LC1-2Lesson 2: Activities (New)Franki S
MC-L1-U10-LC1-3Food (version 2-not beginner)StaceyCE
MC-L1-U10-LC1-3ActivitiesMarcela B
MC-L1-U10-LC1-4Checkpoint AssessmentSherry X
MC-L1-U10-LC2-5Culture- Meg and Mike in the USASally X
MC-L1-U10-LC2-5Culture - USA [2.6.20]Sherry X
MC-L1-U10-LC2-5Lesson 5: CultureRosalie C
MC-L1-U10-LC2-6AnimalsMarcela B
MC-L1-U10-LC2-6New iMC - Lesson 6 Wild AnimalsLaura OK
MC-L1-U10-LC2-7Meg and Mike in the USALinda8888
MC-L1-U10-LC2-7Wild AniamlsMarcela Jones
MC-L1-U10-LC2-8Lesson 8 AssessmentTeacher Sara
MC-L1-U10-LC2-8Culture - MexicoSherry X
MC-L1-U11-LC1-1Daily LifeStaceyCE
MC-L1-U11-LC1-1Lesson 1: Daily LifeRosalie C
MC-L1-U11-LC1-2Lesson 2: Let's Play!Rosalie C
MC-L1-U11-LC1-2Let's PlayAngel BA
MC-L1-U11-LC1-2Meg and Mike in Mexico- Let's PlayLinda8888
MC-L1-U11-LC1-2ActivitiesTeacher Debi
MC-L1-U11-LC1-3Lesson 3: FoodRosalie C
MC-L1-U11-LC1-3Food (Mexico)Angel BA
MC-L1-U11-LC1-3iMC-Lesson 3 ActivitiesDenise WL
MC-L1-U11-LC1-4Lesson 4 Check PointAllen AG
MC-L1-U11-LC1-4Lesson 4 CheckpointDenise WL
MC-L1-U11-LC1-4Assessment - ActivitiesMarcela B
MC-L1-U11-LC2-5Lesson 5 CultureDenise WL
MC-L1-U11-LC2-5Lesson 5: CultureRosalie C
MC-L1-U11-LC2-5Lesson 5 CultureTeacher Heather BBK
MC-L1-U11-LC2-6Lesson 6 ActionTeacher Heather BBK
MC-L1-U11-LC2-7Lesson 7 ScienceChristy AZ
MC-L1-U11-LC2-7Science (Meg and Mike in Mexico)Teacher Debi
MC-L1-U11-LC2-8Lesson 8 AssessmentChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC1-11 Peru: Daily Life (updated 01.31.2020)Sherry X
MC-L1-U12-LC1-1Daily LifeStaceyCE
MC-L1-U12-LC1-2Meg and Mike in Peru-Let's PlaySally X
MC-L1-U12-LC1-2Let's PlayStaceyCE
MC-L1-U12-LC1-3Lesson 3 clothesChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC1-3Lesson 3 FoodTeacher Daphne O
MC-L1-U12-LC1-4Lesson 4 Checkpoint UpdatedChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC1-5CultureChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-5CultureChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-6Lesson 6 ActionChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-6Lesson 6: ActionRosalie C
MC-L1-U12-LC2-7Lesson 7 ScienceChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-7ScienceChristy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-8Lesson 8 Assessment - Graduate to level 2Christy AZ
MC-L1-U12-LC2-8Assessment 2StaceyCE
MC-L1-U2-LC1-1Lesson 1 Daily LifeDenise WL
MC-L1-U2-LC1-1Daily LifeStaceyCE
MC-L1-U2-LC1-1iMC Lesson 1 ColorsDenise WL
MC-L1-U2-LC1-1Colors!Teacher Debi
MC-L1-U2-LC1-2Let's PlayStaceyCE
MC-L1-U2-LC1-2iMC Lesson 2 ColorsDenise WL
MC-L1-U2-LC1-4Lesson 4 CheckpointSherry X
MC-L1-U2-LC2-5Lesson 5 CultureDenise WL
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