New Five Apple Feedback Features Go Live!

Since launching Five Apple Feedback last month we have received quite a bit of input on features that teachers would like to see. We are now excited to announce our first set of new features has officially rolled out! 

New Features Include:

  • Edit your feedback after submitting it
  • Instant access to your submissions through “My Feedback” page
  • Save your feedback as private
  • We now use [brackets] instead of ##hashtags## when submitting new feedback

Thank you to all the teachers who have submitted feedback, we have been amazed at the progress we have made together!

How to edit your submitted feedback.

Prior to the update any edits had to be submitted via email, or the contact form. Well those days are over! The teacher who submitted the feedback now has the ability to edit his/her own entries. To edit a previously submitted feedback, just look for the “Edit Entry” link, either on the individual feedback page, or in the list of feedback on your “My Feedback” page.

Overview of how to edit feedback

Gain instant access to your feedback.

One of the great features of our platform is the ability to easily input a student’s name and have the feedback template customize to the student’s gender. Before this update, we would inspect and add a few bits of code to make this functionality work to every piece of submitted feedback. Now that we have automated this system you now gain access to your feedback as soon as you submit it! It will appear under your “My Feedback” page. However, it will not be added to the main database until after manual review by Five Apple Feedback. Newly submitted feedback will show up on the “My Feedback” page as Pending, after review, it will show up as Approved.

Make your feedback private.

If you are not in the mood to share your feedback, that’s not a problem! After you enter in the feedback that you want to submit, just check the “Make Private” box at the bottom.  Any feedback that is marked as private will not be displayed in the main database search, but will be accessible from the “My Feedback” page.

No more hashtags.

For previous feedback submissions we required gender pronouns to be surrounded by ##hashtags##. No more! We now have a simpler solution of using a single [bracket] on either side of the pronoun. Please keep in mind that all gender pronouns should be male. This prevents confusion when him/her or his/her should be used. If you like to use brackets in your feedback to help point out specific words the student covered in a class there should be no problem, unless it is a specific gender pronoun. In this case, to prevent it from being part of the automated conversion add double brackets to your submission. Ex: “Today we covered the word [[[He]]].

What’s next?

We are already outlining our next set of updates, if you have additional features you would like to see let us know!