New Features added to Five Apple Feedback

In an effort to further streamline your VIPKid feedback experience, over the past few weeks  we have released 3 new features!

Automatic Signature (beta)

The first feature is in beta as the past catalog of feedback will need to be updated inorder to incorporate it. Just like we use [brackets] for the student’s name, and gender pronouns you can now use [Signature] where you would like your custom signature to be placed in your feedback. This makes it incredibly easy to update your signature in one place, and have it apply to all supported feedback templates(public and private).

To customize your signature go to the “Account” page and update it as needed.

Quick Copy

This simple feature probably doesn’t even need to be explained… but instead of highlighting and then copying to your clipboard, you can single click(or tap on mobile) to copy the feedback to your clipboard. Just look for the button directly under the feedback.

Add to My Feedback

Next to the “Copy to Clipboard” button is a “Add to My Feedback” button. This will allow you to easily import any public feedback into your own private feedback collection. Feel free to make edits and customize to your needs with a single click.

While none of these are huge updates, I hope that together they make the feedback process just a little bit faster and easier for you.


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