Intro to VIPKid Feedback Templates

Are you new to VIPKid feedback templates, or curious about how they can help you speed up the feedback submission process?

There are a few key points to consider, starting with the basics of what a feedback template is, where they come from, what makes Five Apple Feedback different and some tips for the final step of submitting your personalized feedback.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Getting to know VIPKid Feedback Templates

A feedback template for VIPKid is a starting point for teachers that have finished teaching a class and are ready to submit feedback to inform the parents how their child preformed. It generally gives an overview of topics the student covered and points out areas they excelled in, where they could use some additional practice or other stand out moments from the class.

Feedback templates come in many forms. Some are very short, and just give the basics of what the class covered, while others can be quite lengthy giving great detail on the topics and how the student performed. Depending on your style, or what you are comfortable with, you may want to seek out teachers who have submitted feedback you are comfortable with.

Another great option is to search feedback in our database, and then modify it to reflect your own style, allowing you to remain consistent in the type of feedback your regular student’s parents expect.

How does Five Apple Feedback Obtain Feedback?

Five Apple Feedback obtains feedback from real VIPKid teachers, who have joined up. It is a great tool for archiving your own feedback, while being able to search and see what other teachers have done. Seeing the feedback that other teachers have submitted can be a great learning tool, giving you ideas for how to adjust or improve your own technique.

Currently Five Apple Feedback only accepts feedback from members. Once a feedback submission is sent it is reviewed by Five Apple Feedback where it is proofed for errors, and additional coding is added to enable the name/gender automation process. 

The feedback view makes it easy to see what content will be updated after you input your student details.

How Our Templates are Different

While there are several sources to find feedback, we offer the unique ability to dynamically populate the template. There are two pieces of information you must supply, first, the students name, second the students gender. Upon submitting this information the feedback template automatically fill in the students name, and the appropriate use of “he/she”, “him/her” and “his/her” through out the template. This ability to automatically populate the template seriously saves times and eliminates the sometimes error prone method of searching to find & replace.

Our feedback templates highlight which field will be changed after you submit your student details making it easy to see the customization that has been applied. 

Searching for feedback on Five Apple Feedback is easy!

How To Search Feedback Templates

Finding a template couldn’t be easier. Five Apple Feedback offers a single search field that allows you to search for any portion of the feedback template, but we highly recommend using the class ID. This will quickly present you with feedback that has been submitted for a particular class. An example of a class ID# wold be MC-L4-U10-LC2-8 which would be a Major Course, Lesson 4, Unit 10, Learning Cycle 2, class 8. After searching for the class ID you further refine your search by sorting by teacher name, or feedback star rating.

We encourage you to not only use the feedback, but leave a review, submit suggestions to improve it or even submit your own version for others to use! This feedback within our own community is a great way for us to improve the experience for everyone.

Practical Use of Feedback Templates

While feedback templates are great, you may need to make minor adjustments prior to sending to the parent. For example, the child may have struggled with a particular section of the class, or they may have done some outstanding work that you want to give even more attention to. Either way, our templates give you the base to start with, and make it easy to adjust to meet your students performance. Having the basics of the class covered in the feedback templates allows you to save a tremendous amount of time in preparing your feedback.

No matter where you find your feedback templates it is important to read them over prior to submitting to the parent. Submitting feedback is not just the final box to check before considering a class to be completed, but it’s your chance to communicate with the parent how their child is doing. After All that is why they are paying to have their child enrolled in VIPKid to begin with!

At Five Apple Feedback we strive to make the feedback submission process as simple as possible. We want you to be an impactful mentor to the students, while not becoming overly burdened with the task of putting together feedback from scratch every time.

By saving time we believe you will have more energy to dedicate to the actual teaching portion of the class which benefits you and your students.

Are You Ready to Get Started Using Feedback Templates?

When you are waking up at 4 AM we know that every small step we can take to make preparing feedback easier makes a huge difference.

If you are interested in using feedback templates then we hope you will give our dynamically editable templates a try. You can check out our demo here, or go ahead and sign-up and use our templates risk free during the trial.

Like what you see, or have questions?

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