How it Works

There are many ways to use Five Apple Feedback to speed up your feedback writing and submission workflow. This outline shows you how to use several of the features in combination. Additional features not covered in this overview include submitting feedback with live preview, customizing personalized intro & signature and more.

Step 1

Search just your feedback, or from the thousands of public templates available.

Step 2

Quickly browse through available templates to find the one that’s right for you.

Step 3

Use the action menu to insert your custom intro or signature. Use the temporary edit feature to make quick edits prior to copying to the clipboard, or saving to schedule.

Step 4

If you’re working ahead you can save the feedback to your schedule. This keeps a ordered list of all your feedback so that you can quickly retrieve it immediately after you finish a class.

Step 5

Scheduled feedback creates a ordered list of your upcoming classes. You still have the ability to make temporary adjustments to the feedback then copy it to the clipboard and your done!