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With all of the updates and new features that have been rolling out to Five Apple Feedback over the past two months, I thought it would be good to give an overview of how everything works together. If you have been using the site for a while, then the majority of this will be familiar. For those of you just finding us this will get you up to speed quickly! We will be covering the basics including what is Five Apple Feedback, who it can benefit and finally how it all works.

What is Five Apple Feedback?

Five Apple Feedback is a website dedicated to VIPKid feedback templates. These templates can be easily customized with your students info, making feedback submission simple and quick. All of the templates were written by VIPKid teachers.

Who can benefit?

Any VIPKid teacher who is looking to save time filling out feedback will find this site helpful. Having a single focus on providing great feedback allows us to simplify the process of finding feedback.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Five Apple Feedback provides, and who it can benefit, let’s take a look at some of the core features.

Searching on Five Apple Feedback.

This feature should come almost naturally. You can search using any keyword or phrase you like, but 99% of the time using the VIPKid class identifier (ex: MC-L4-U10-LC2-8) is what will get you the desired result. The results have changed a little since we first launched. The information displayed now includes: Class ID#, Title, the teacher who submitted the feedback, it’s current status(current, possibly outdated or outdated) and a star rating. A brief overview of searching feedback can be viewed below.

Search view on Five Apple Feedback
It’s easy to search feedback!

Customizing your feedback.

This is a feature where Five Apple Feedback really shines. It’s so straightforward, you only need to type your VIPKid students name once(or copy and paste it in), and select if they are male or female. After that, you click or tap the submit button and Five Apple Feedback will automatically populate the feedback for you!

Adding new feedback.

Adding to the Five Apple Feedback database is easy. You only need 4 pieces of information. To submit new feedback you must include your name… this is visible to those searching the database. Class ID#, in order to easily search and find it in the future. A class title, giving a description of the class. And finally, the most important piece of information… the feedback itself! Formatting the feedback correctly for Five Apple Feedback is easy, but also a more indepth topic than we will cover in this post. I have created a video that gives an overview of the process and can be viewed below.
Please note that once feedback is submitted it is sent for review before becoming public, however it can be accessed immediately to the submitter on the “My Feedback” page.

Private vs Public feedback.

By default feedback submitted to FIve Apple Feedback is public. However before submitting it you have the option to mark it as private. When feedback is private it is only accessible on the “My Feedback Page” with private feedback we do not scan the content to make sure. With private feedback you can leave the students name, and gender pronouns however you choose, but if it’s going to the public feedback database it must be properly formatted.

make vipkid feedback private or public

Editing Five Apple Feedback Submissions.

Editing feedback is another feature that was added after initially launching the site. The first thing to know is that only the original feedback submitter has the power to edit an entry. A great reason to update your own feedback is if VIPKid updated the lesson, or if you found a way to make your feedback clearer. You have the ability to edit every piece of information that was originally submitted. You can even change your feedback from private to public or vice versa, or if your feedback was flagged outdated you can update and change back to current.

Flagging outdated feedback.

From time to time VIPKid will update their classes so we needed a way to flag our templates so that it’s easy to know what’s current, and what’s outdated. Should a user find a feedback template that is out of date, there is an easy way to notify us about it. Just look under the individual feedback copy for the “Feedback Status” field. From there you can check “current” or “out of date” If a piece of current feedback is marked as “outdated” it will be changed to “possible outdated”. If it receives a second flag as “outdated” it will be confirmed and it’s status will read as “outdated” until it has been modified by the original teacher.

feedback view
Lots of info is available on the feedback page!

Rating feedback with stars.

The star rating is found all over the internet, and Five Apple Feedback is no different. If you like the feedback, give it five stars, if you don’t like it choose what you think it deserves. This will help you, and other teachers make decisions in the future.

Leaving comments for other teachers.

You can leave comments on feedback to expand on your star rating. It’s a great place to leave suggestions either to future teachers who are planning to use the feedback, or to the original submitter on how they could potentially modify it. If the feedback is out of date there is no need to give it a one star, or leave feedback, simply mark it as outdated and that will send the clearest message that it is old.

To sum it all up, Five Apple Feedback is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you full control over your VIPKid feedback. It’s easy to update, and individually customize for each of your VIPKid students. The public database of feedback helps you find a great starting place for all of your feedback needs. I hope that Five Apple Feedback helps you complete VIPKid feedback in record time!

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