What is Five Apple Feedback?

Five Apple Feedback helps VIPKid Teachers by giving them a starting template to communicate with their student’s parents about each class that is taught.

How Do I Customize Feedback?

It’s simple! All you need to do is type your student’s name in the box provided, select their gender and Five Apple Feedback does the rest. No need to find/replace.

How Do I Register?

There are several registration options are available. Please see the Registration page.

How Do I Change Subscription Plan?

You may cancel your current plan, and then visit the Registration page to select a new one.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your trial or subscription please visit your Account page, then click on the Subscriptions tab. The link to cancel is on the right hand side of the subscription details. See screenshot below.

How Do I Add Feedback?

Once you have registered, visit the Add Feedback page. You will find more in depth details on this page, but you will need the class ID, Title and Feedback to start. 

How Do I Modify Submitted Feedback?

Looke for the Edit Feedback link directly below the feedback content. The link is only visible to feedback that you have submitted.