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Feedback did a MAGNIFICENT job in VIPKID Writing class today and it was wonderful to meet, work and visit with ! is a strong student of both English and writing. I found to be highly coachable, and took direction extremely well. Today's lesson focused on using formal language to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper.

did a fabulous job of learning the difference between formal and informal language today. learned that only formal language should be used for purposes of publication and that should avoid shortcuts like contractions and [thanks], as well as brackets and dashes.

also learned about and practiced language patterns one should use when giving suggestions and identifying past problems. These types of sentence patterns avoid the tendency to sound like we are demanding change or placing blame. understood these sentence patterns well and was able to not only identify their use, but to imitate them in own writing.

We edited 's writing today, which was already extremely well written. learned today that the body of a piece of writing should state the main idea/s of the piece, as well as provide supporting details for this/these main ideas. The conclusion should then briefly restate and summarize the main opinion and ideas of the piece of writing before closing the letter.

Please tell what exceptional work performed today and how much I enjoyed meeting and working with on writing draft. I hope to work with again soon. is a very intelligent and clever young man. Thank you for choosing me to be 's teacher today and for any kind, 5-apple teacher feedback you may care to leave. It is always highly valued and greatly appreciated. Sincerely and with much respect and gratitude,

Teacher Melissa

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