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It was great to see again today. I always enjoy having in my classroom! Today we continued to talk about the five senses and how we use our senses to enjoy the word around . reviewed [place value]. practiced putting numbers in the correct place: [hundreds], [tens], and [ones]. also practiced adding numbers using the place value chart. Excellent job! worked with the vocabulary words [delicious], [stinky], [gross], [sweet], [sour], [spicy], and [salty] as well as the verbs [to smell] and [to taste]. practiced identifying the smells and tastes of different foods. For example, answered, [The cake tastes sweet and delicious.], [The stinky fish tastes gross.], and [Lemons taste sour.]. reviewed short and long vowel sounds and was able to read words using these vowel sounds such as [bake, tab], [[fin, like], and [bone, hop]. also practiced reading the sight words [ran], [brown], [new], [eat], and [who]. did an outstanding job today! worked hard and was very focused. earned all five stars!

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