VIPKid Overview

A happy VIPKid teacher

This website is dedicated to providing VIPKid teachers feedback templates to help them save time when it comes to submitting feedback on their students classes. But from time to time somebody stumbles across this site and isn’t familiar with VIPKid at all. In this post we will be covering what it is all about, and … Read more

Contest Winners

It has been an exciting two months since we launched Five Apple Feedback. We can’t thank you enough for hanging with us and helping our database grow. We have received over 1000 feedback submissions just in January alone. We are hopeful that we will continue to get feedback for more and more classes, which will … Read more

New Five Apple Feedback Features Go Live!

Since launching Five Apple Feedback last month we have received quite a bit of input on features that teachers would like to see. We are now excited to announce our first set of new features has officially rolled out!  New Features Include: Edit your feedback after submitting it Instant access to your submissions through “My … Read more

VIPKid Feedback Using Phone

I’ve had several requests asking if Five Apple Feedback could be used as a App, or on your phone. The answer is YES! You can use Five Apple Feedback using your phone’s web browser to search, and update VIPKid students details. You can then copy that into a text or note app to make further … Read more

Update and Preparing for 2020

Thank you to all wh have helped get Five Apple Feedback up and running! We wanted to give you a quick update and we hope that your feedback for 2020 is easy peasy! Since launching early this month, we have more than tripled the amount of feedback in our database – and it’s growing daily! … Read more

Just Getting Started!

We couldn’t be more excited to get things started! Five Apple Feedback was created to provide a simple tool that would allow VIPKid Teachers to quickly search, customize and use feedback. While we are launching with a limited catalog of classes, we hope that you will try out our 60 day free trial to see … Read more