About Us

Hi, I’m Jon… and these are the faces behind Five Apple Feedback!

Welcome to Five Apple Feedback! This is a website I created as a family project. I started it for my wife (Teacher Miranda) and my mom (Teacher Linda). The goal was to make a tool that shortened their feedback time, changed their student’s gender pronouns easily, and stored everything they typed effectively and efficiently. After using it as a family, and working out some of the details, I decided to open it up to other teachers to use as a resource in making feedback happen easily and quickly too. The response has been tremendous! We can’t thank you enough!

We have all been big fans of VIPKid since my wife and mom started teaching in 2017. They are both currently on their 5th contract, and it has been a huge blessing to our family. Teaching with VIPKid has allowed my wife to stay at home raising and homeschooling our beautiful children.

As for my mom, she taught elementary school for over 39 years. Since being retired, she has enjoyed having a teaching outlet again through VIPKid! She brings all of her experience and passion for teaching to each of her students – and her feedback!

As for me, my favorite thing to do is take my family on hiking trips! I am also a full-time graphic designer and Creative Director of a publishing company. I also love to find ways to automate simple everyday tasks. With 3 kids (and one on the way) time is a precious thing in our household!

And that’s who we are!

We sincerely hope that Five Apple Feedback allows you to complete your VIPKid feedback in as little time as possible so that you too can spend time with those that you love!