It’s time to speed up VIPKid Feedback

Are you tired of writing VIPKid feedback from scratch everyday? Does working in spreadsheets stress you out? Are you using search & replace with mixed results? Five Apple Feedback does away with all of that giving you a simplified VIPKid feedback experience.

What makes it so simple?

add your five apple feedback

Add your own feedback.

It’s easy to submit your own feedback. Just add brackets where the students name, and gender pronouns should go and Five Apple Feedback does the rest.

search vipkid five apple feedback templates

Search what others have submitted.

Teaching a new class, or looking for a base to get you started? See what other teachers have said and customize to your needs.

automate five apple feedback info

Automatically populate student name and gender.

Forget about using find & replace, or working with complex spreadsheets. Just find the template you like, and populate your students info automatically.

That’s it!

VIPKid teachers love saving time using Five Apple Feedback

Five Apple Feedback is a value-friendly tool that assists you in writing feedback to students that you teach through VIPKid!
-Teacher Melissa, VIPKid Teacher


I love the ability to save time and personalize feedback! Give it a try! 🙂
-Teacher Candi, VIPKid Teacher


 “I really enjoy that I can add feedback and easily modify it for future students. It’s a real time saver!”
-Teacher Linda, VIPKid Teacher


“Using Five Apple Feedback gives me more time to spend with my family, which is why I started teaching with VIPKid in the first place!”
-Teacher Miranda, VIPKid Teacher

All the VIPKid feedback templates you need. Nothing more.

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